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Why Learn Polish?

You are with a group of Polish people, in a social situation or you have Polish work friends and you wish to participate in the conversation.

What’s your situation?

Where to start?

You are aware that speaking fluently takes years of practice, but you don’t even know how to start with basic words, how to make a simple comment, or just get the gist of that conversation.

Want to keep up?

You may have a Polish partner and you are off to Poland again. It’s a lovely country, Polish hospitality is marvellous, but the fact that your Polish knowledge is limited to dzień dobry does not make it easy!

Want to be involved?

You are going to spend some time surrounded by Poles and again, at your best you will be using your hands and mime or relying on the Google Translate app to say what you want to say.

Succeed where you’ve failed

If you’ve realised you ought to be able to speak conversational Polish, you may have already given it a go with self-taught courses, but when they got too hard too quickly and without guidance you may have simply given up. Not understanding the language means you will never jump into those conversations with friends, family, partners and colleagues. There is a better way.