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What You Will Learn

Start your Polish learning adventure in small digestible chunks without the feeling of being overwhelmed and confused. Step by step. Bite by bite.

How it works

Digestible Polish packages are six-module programmes where you are served chunks of Polish grammar, ready-made vocabulary lists to develop your speaking skills.

You will get started straight away in using grammar patterns and words in everyday conversational situations. Also, you’ll get some additional nibbles of Polish culture and useful tools to improve your Polish digestion!

By learning in small manageable chunks, you will gradually and systematically develop Polish language skills that you can apply to your everyday life.

Learning structure

I will guide you in your learning and organise it so you focus on the grammar and vocabulary related to one weekly topic building up your speaking skills gradually each week. Each week you build upon previous knowledge and apply grammar patterns and vocabulary you learnt in a new context, relevant to YOU. You’ll learn to use the grammar rules and apply them in your everyday life when speaking at home with your partner or with Polish friends.

Ready to start?

You’ve already taken the first step to learning digestible Polish in small manageable chunks. Which course will best suit your circumstances?