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New Year – New Resolution – New Language?

For many, welcoming a new year also means resolving to make some positive changes in their lives. These often involve fitness or lifestyle changes, with others taking on changes such as striving to be more environmentally friendly, taking up a new hobby or simply trying to think more positively every day.
These new changes are known as a New Year’s resolutions. According to Wikipedia a New Year’s resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behaviour, or to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life, or the lives of those around them.
A New Year’s resolution is the perfect opportunity for some personal development goals, and a big favourite is to resolve to learn a new language.  The advantages learning foreign language can bring are many fold and can set you up for success in lots of  aspects of your life. Unlike other New Year’s resolutions – learning a language gives you the opportunity to engage with the world in a more immediate and meaningful way. Here’s why a new language as a New Year’s resolution is a fantastic idea!


Starting your new year by expanding your knowledge means you will start to develop greater cognitive ability. Learning a language involves becoming more confident and being more aware of your mental processes, so that your brain capacity develops and creates new cognitive connections.
Don’t think your age is holding you back from developing cognitively. Studies have demonstrated the cognitive benefits of learning another language, no matter how old you are. These studies have shown that bilinguals are giving their brains a great workout and developing better memories, are more creative and are better problem solvers. Learning another language also means that your English will improve. It makes you much more aware of how your own language is structured and make you a more effective communicator and a sharper editor and writer.
You can read more about the surprising benefits of learning another language here
Simply learning a new language could deliver a few personal development resolutions in one fell swoop!


If one of your resolutions involves changing your job or looking for opportunities for promotion, then learning an additional language could be just the thing to help you achieve that goal! Learning another language can really improve your employment prospects and open up new opportunities for you to explore. The world is now a much more connected place to live and more companies than ever are doing business in several countries around the world, but they can’t do it without hiring people who have a grasp on at least one foreign language. It is important to have people with a good grasp of the languages they operate in as it helps to prevent any confusion, embarrassment or potential problems that can be caused by using a translation app that doesn’t understand context or idioms.
In an increasingly competitive job market, knowing another language is something that makes you much more valuable to an employer and having that competitive edge on your resume is without a doubt an eye-catcher!


When you begin learning a new language you start to align with that country’s culture and worldview. In fact, studying a foreign language is a great way of becoming more understanding, open-minded and tolerant of other countries and their cultural identities. Once you start learning a new language you start to learn about rich cultural differences whether that is around food, films or even their sense of humour, you start to soak up those differences which makes you more appreciative of how people live differently around the world.  You’ll notice how refreshing it is to see the world from a different perspective and how it can provide you with a better understanding of your own native tongue and culture. This one of the most unexpected and beautiful advantages of learning a new language as a new year’s resolution.
The ability to talk to people in their own language can have a huge impact on all involved. People are very appreciative of you making an effort to learn their language and it can make them much more receptive to what you have to say. You shouldn’t worry about being word perfect in these situations, the way to improve is to keep trying and keep chatting! 


  • Famously, the problem with New Year’s resolutions is the fact that they’re seldom kept for longer than a month or two. This is mostly because people set themselves goals or deadlines to achieve that are simply not realistic.
  • There is a solution! By being fully supported by a native who is qualified to teach Polish as a foreign language, you can tackle Polish in a structured and manageable way with realistic goals and at a manageable pace. You will be taught the basics of conversation quickly and have a sense of achievement that will help to keep you motivated.
  • When you’re being supported and encouraged by somebody who has been in the same position as you, it becomes less of a daunting challenge and more of a fun, motivating task. It has been proven time and time again that self-learning a language is not an effective way of grasping conversational language. Become confident in learning Polish by tasting the grammar in a manageable and structured way – and make a New Year’s resolution to be proud of. It’s the perfect gift to yourself!
  • I run fun, helpful and supportive language courses designed to get you confidently speaking Polish as quickly as possible. Each course will see you build on the progress you have made and become a more confident communicator. Whether for personal development, as a hobby or for a new job or loved one, the gift of language learning is perfect whatever the time of year. Please do get in touch to find out how I can help, whatever your language goals!
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2 responses on "New Year - New Resolution - New Language?"

  1. I mainly wanted to tell you how happy I am I found someone who is qualified to teach me Polish the way a Native would speak … it’s a very difficult language when compared to all other languages, so having someone who isn’t just a “Native Polish person”, but who is actually qualified to teach the Polish language” is not only more comforting, but very important to me.

    Dziękuję bardzo,


    • Dziękuję James. I’m glad you enjoy Digestible Polish and it’s helpful for you. Learning Polish with a native teacher is a big plus. The teacher will guide you and help you to clear out all confusion and misunderstandings that you encounter on the way. I will be happy to help.

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