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Meet Ewa

I am Ewa Corser, a language addict and tutor on a mission to prove to students that learning Polish is possible! I just love teaching and learning languages.

For the love of languages​

I was not a super-gifted child with some language gene. I was born in a monolingual family, but I discovered my enthusiasm for languages. They became a core passion in my life that I follow until today. I can communicate at various levels of fluency in six languages. Since an early age I wanted to be a teacher and I do what I love the most – teaching languages, especially my mother tongue, Polish.

Spreading the love

After I received my degree in Modern Languages from Arras University in France, I went back to Poland to share my passion for languages by teaching French. I worked in Poland, France, Italy and finally I settled a few years ago in the UK and continued to tutor French. As a native Pole, I was approached many times for teaching my mother tongue and after meeting many people who were interested in learning Polish, I became intrigued by my own language and began my adventure with it. I successfully completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching Polish Language and Culture Abroad at the Polish University Abroad in London.

My Polish learning philosophy

Communication is the key!

Every Polish learner can be successful at communicating with Polish friends and partners. I am highly convinced that every adult is capable of learning a foreign language.

You can learn it!

The Polish language is possible to learn and is no harder or easier than any other language. It is a myth that Polish is extremely difficult to learn.

Language is about people!

I am a language enthusiast who learns and teaches grammar not for the sake of the grammar but to use it for communicating with people and discovering new cultures and ideas.