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Learn Polish with Ewa

Choose the right Digestible Polish package for you. These six- module self-study programmes are tailored for beginners and will expand your grammar and vocabulary knowledge in small, easy, bite-size portions. And throughout the course you are safe in the knowledge that I am never far away and I will be available to help and support you.

What's included in the Course

Access to Digestible Polish learning platform with video tutorials and all materials for self-study.

Weekly menu with all steps to complete your learning, Polish grammar notes and ready made vocabulary lists related to each week’s topic.

Open Your Mouth – two weekly speaking assignments which will be assessed via recordings sent to me on WhatsApp.

Short and not overwhelming exercises to consolidate weekly grammar topics with key to check how well you did.

Cultural nibbles to get an insight into Polish culture and additional materials and links to complement your Polish learning.

Weekly checklist to make sure you have covered everything and that you have made the most of your learning.

Your investment

£149 will make you feel more confident whilst surrounded by Poles, help you understand how to use grammar to converse with your loved ones, and make you proud of yourself as you are tackling what seems like one of the hardest languages.

Cost for one part: £149

Choose your level

Part 1 Course

Tasty Starter
For complete beginners. You will learn how to introduce yourself and others.You will be able to say where you are from, where you live, give your age and phone number.

Part 2 Course

Satisfying main
Progress from the first level and add some more flavours to you speaking skills! At the end of the package you will be able to talk about your work, hobbies and food.

Part 3 Course

Yummy dessert
New yummy package filled with tasty topics to show off your Polish skills. You will be talking about your daily routine, house, health, last weekend and future plans.