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How to talk about New Year’s Resolutions in Polish

I promise… I intend…. I decide…. I plan..…. We use these sentences very often at the beginning of every year. Would you add learn/learning Polish to any of these? If yes, this post is for you as we will explore how to talk about various New Year’s resolutions in Polish. 


Let’s have a look at various verbs you use to start talking about New Year’s resolutions:
Zamierzać  –  to intend to do something
Zamierzam uczyć się polskiego 
I intend learning Polish
Planować – to plan 
Planuję zdrowiej  jeść
I plan to eat healthier
Chcieć – to want 
Chcę schudnąć 10 kilogramów
I want to lose 10 kilograms 
Pragnąć – to wish (for something)
Pragnę spędzać więcej czasu z rodziną
I wish  to spend more time with my family and friends
Obiecywać (sobie) – to promise (oneself)
Obiecuję, że od jutra nie jem słodyczy. 
I promise that as from tomorrow I won’t eat sweets


We cannot skip być – to be in the future tense if we talk about New Year’s Resolutions. It’s very easy to create the future tense for this context –  you focus on regular actions, actions expressing routine, actions that take time. 
To say what you will be doing in the future use będę and add the raw form of the verb – infinitive.
Będę uczyć się polskiego
I will be learning Polish
Będę chodzić codziennie na siłownię
I will be going to the gym every day
If you want to talk about what someone else will be doing in the New Year, have a look at być in the future for each person:
Use będę + infinitive to talk about your New Year’s resolutions. You may be aware that there is also a second form of the future tense which doesn’t  use będę and focuses on one time and completed actions, but that’s another chunk of Polish that will be served on a separate plate!



Keeping up with New Year’s resolutions  can be tough sometimes. Do you know that only 8% of people accomplish their New Year’s Resolutions? Goals without a realistic plan remain a daydream… But I believe that you have a plan for your Polish adventure and you will be in that 8% of those successful people. I have some more sentences for you to use in the conversations about keeping resolutions and promises:
Nigdy się nie poddaję!
I never give up!
Zawsze dotrzymuję postanowień.
I always keep resolutions
Wytrwałam pierwszy miesiąc!
I endured the first month!
Every successful even little action counts towards your big goal of speaking Polish fluently. So, celebrate your successes and accomplishments. 
Jestem z siebie dumny!
I’m proud of myself!


  • Think about your New Year’s resolutions and make them in Polish using various verbs and the future tense with będę. 
  • Why don’t you ask your Polish friends about their New Year’s resolutions? Look at the verbs in the first section of the post and change them from ja  to  ty form.
  • Challenge yourself and translate examples from the table. Maybe some of them are your resolutions?
  • Would you like to hear some typical New Year’s resolutions? Go to my YouTube  channel to watch the video and repeat sentences after me.
  • Is learning Polish on your New Year’s resolution list? Do you want to follow a self-study programme? But with the bonus of a native speaker to help you as you go along? Definitely check Digestible Polish course here .The course starts on 20th January, there is still time to enrol!
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