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Digestible Polish Courses For Beginners

How to start learning Polish in manageable and digestible chunks

Even if you think that learning Polish is too hard, with this course you will tackle the language without being overwhelmed and confused. Get your first bites of Polish and see how much you can achieve within two months.

Let me guess

You have tried different self-taught courses, but most of them are too complex for beginners, they got too hard too quickly and you found it disheartening to plough through.

You have had a go learning from your Polish partner or friends; but it hasn’t been helpful in understanding the rules of the language.

You would love to learn Polish, but you don’t have a clue about grammar and this is a barrier to learning the language. You feel daunted and unsure.

Frustrated and lost as your learning is not going the way you wished and you are still not able to have a basic conversation in Polish?

I have a solution for you!

Be supported by a native teacher who will guide you in your Polish journey, so you won’t feel lost and confused.

Learn from someone who’s been there and knows what it means to start a new language.

Tackle Polish in a structured and manageable way and take it at your own pace.

Digestible Polish Formula for Success

Thanks to Digestible Polish Formula for Success you will gradually discover the Polish language and culture. You will use grammar rules and make them work for you, apply them in your everyday life when speaking at home with your partner or Polish friends.

What benefits can you get learning the Polish language


Feeling more confident whilst surrounded by Poles so you can participate in conversations without feeling isolated. You will definitely impress your friends, work colleagues and family members by your Polish skills.


Understanding how to use grammar to converse with your loved ones and friends. You will start straight away in using patterns in everyday conversational situations.


Impress your Polish friends, partner’s family or work colleagues speaking in their language.


Being proud of yourself as you are tackling apparently one of the hardest languages spoken by around 50 million people. You will get a great sense of achievement

What will you learn

Currently Part 1 and Part 2 of Digestible Polish series are available. If you are already learning Polish and feel like you could go directly to part 2, the best option is to check the syllabus of each package and see what topics are covered.

How will you learn

*On Monday, you get access to one module’s materials and you work on it during the week.

*You will need to allocate time for self-study and prepare two weekly speaking assignments that you will send me on WhatsApp for my review and feedback.

*After four weeks, you will have a break for one week. This time could be used to consolidate what you have already learnt, catch up, revise, or simply practise speaking with Polish friends or a partner.

*At the end of the course there is an additional option for a Skype check-in call at a discounted rate. You get my feedback on your work, clarify any doubts you may have, and we consolidate what you have learnt during the course.

Sample Digestible Polish course here:

Why learning Polish with Digestible Polish? Ask my happy students!

Andrew Waller
Andrew Waller
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I would heartily recommend Digestible Polish for anyone wanting to improve their Polish. Ewa‘s course breaks the language down into manageable sections so each week you feel like you have really made progress. Ewa is a great teacher. I’m already looking forward to my next helping of digestible Polish!
Anaïs Badonnel
Anaïs Badonnel
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I spent 6 weeks to start learning the basics of Polish language with Ewa‘s classes. She creates useful material and knows how to make it simple. And for the very first time I used Polish to communicate with a real person ! She definitely knows how to make you feel comfortable enough for you to “open your mouth”
Neil Sayers
Neil Sayers
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Ewa doesn’t just speak Polish, she understands how it works and how to explain the rules that native speakers don’t know and just adhere to automatically. She expertly links one lesson to the next, building on what has been previously learnt and reinforcing understanding of it
Ceiros Davies
Ceiros Davies
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I wanted to improve my Polish language skills that I had picked up as a child from my grandmother, as this is an important cultural link for me. I found I had no idea of grammar and my learning had no structure. I found Ewa and Digestible Polish. It has given me massive insight into how the Polish language is structured and my vocabulary has largely increased.
Michelle Davies
Michelle Davies
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If you want to understand Polish Grammar then you won’t find a better guide than Ewa. This course will take you step by step through the complex world of Polish grammar. It is an excellent course. If you are willing to put in the time and effort you will be surprised how much Polish you can speak and understand in just a few weeks.
Micha Pearson
Micha Pearson
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A huge plus for Digestible Polish is the speaking assignments, where the student sends a recording of themselves and receives personalized assessment from the instructor regarding their use of and pronunciations in Polish. Helpful learning tips are included in each week’s packet. A portion of each week is dedicated to the Polish culture, providing helpful tips for how to communicate effectively with native speakers.

What's Included In The Course

Access to Digestible Polish learning platform with video tutorials and all materials for self-study.

Weekly menu with all steps to complete your learning, Polish grammar notes and ready made vocabulary lists related to each week’s topic.

Open Your Mouth – two weekly speaking assignments which will be assessed via recordings sent to me on WhatsApp.

Short and not overwhelming exercises to consolidate weekly grammar topics with key to check how well you did.

Cultural nibbles to get an insight into Polish culture and additional materials and links to complement your Polish learning.

Weekly checklist to make sure you have covered everything and that you have made the most of your learning.

Enrolling into Digestible Polish you will also get access to my Polish Alphabet and Pronunciation Rules course.

Video based tutorials with pronunciation guide giving you an overview of Polish letters and sounds to get you ready to pronounce Polish words.

What Is Your Investment?







About the author

Ewa Corser

A dedicated tutor behind Digestible Polish, passionate about transforming Polish learners from lost and overwhelmed into confident users of the language for communication with partners and friends. Native Polish speaker and a fully qualified teacher of Polish as a foreign language. Language enthusiast who believes that speaking languages makes us better, keeps our mind fit and helps us create meaningful relationships.


We will be using WhatsApp. It’s a simple and free to use application that you will need to install on your smartphone. You will easily record your assignments and send them to me for feedback. If you are not familiar with this, don’t worry, you will get a tutorial on how to install and use it.
Make sure you can commit and schedule some time each week to go through the material of each module and send speaking assignments. After fourth week of learning you will have one week break before accessing new material. You can use it for catching up and revising.
If you have already started learning and feel like you could jump to the second course, the best option is to check the syllabus of each course and see what topics are covered.
Technically, you just need an internet connection. You will get access to all learning materials on my website.

  • – Voice recording application WhatsApp for speaking assignments
If during the first learning week, you decide it’s not for you, you have the right to cancel the course and you will be fully refunded.  The course won’t be refunded  if you decide to continue and start the second learning week. Check the syllabus and requirements, send me an email if you have any additional questions.
It really depends on the individual and your learning style and of course on how much time you want to spend on  your Polish. On average, students spent 3-4 hours weekly cutting this time in smaller chunks. Some less, some more. It also depends on your commitment how much time you really want to spend on  your Polish. I strongly suggest to schedule some time each day, even 15 minutes.