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Polish Crash Course

Everything you need to survive your stay in Poland

Have you booked your trip to Poland? Feeling excited?




Great, it is a wonderful country to visit. The Polish landscape is very diverse, offering so much to the tourist. Our eventful history and central location in Europe make Poland a country that fascinates with its material and spiritual culture. Plus Polish food is just delicious. Not forgetting Polish hospitality!

But, are you worrying about the language?

You have never learnt Polish and heard that it's a super hard language to learn? You may get by with your English, especially in bigger cities, but anyway, you like to integrate and communicate at least at a basic level with natives? I understand, it’s so good to say at least some basic words in the language of the country you are visiting.

Let me help you to prepare for your trip to Poland


Polish Crash Course is designed for people traveling to Poland for leisure or business and who want to grasp the basics of the language and be able to communicate in basic situations.

You can buy a phrase book, you can find many online resources, download applications, but having a structured course and a native speaker tutor to guide you through the foundation of the language will definitely help you to enjoy your stay in Poland without worrying too much about the language.

What's Included In The Course

Access to Digestible Polish learning platform with video tutorials

Downloadable notes for each module.

Quizzes to to check how well you did

How and what will you learn

Polish Crash Course is a self-study course that you access on Digestible Polish learning platform. You learn in your own time and at your own pace.

  • Different levels of  addressing people
  • Greetings and introductions
  • Polite words you need to know
  • Bonus – Question words (what, who, why, when, where)
  • Ordering at a cafe – Names of drinks and snacks
  • Useful expressions for ordering a meal in a restaurant
  • Asking for the bill and payment methods
  • Polish menu decoder
  • Bonus  – Meals and utensils
  • Asking for directions in the town 
  • Buying public transport tickets
  • Getting a taxi
  • Exchanging the money in bureau de change
  • Bonus – Language difficulties


  • Shopping at a kiosk 
  • In a shopping centre
  • Naming basic Polish grocery products
  • Asking about prices 
  • Bonus – Numerals 0-10


  • Emergency words 
  • Important telephone numbers
  • Health problems
  • Complaining at the hotel
  • Bonus – Time expressions
Enrolling into Polish Crash Course you will also get access to my Polish Alphabet and Pronunciation Rules course.

Video based tutorials with pronunciation guide giving you an overview of Polish letters and sounds to get you ready to pronounce Polish words.

Your investment in Polish Crash Course will return in

Why learning Polish with Digestible Polish? Ask my happy students!

I had tried to teach myself basic Polish using CD’s, Apps and the Internet without any success so decided to sign up for the 5-week Polish Crash Course. I recently visited Poland and, even with my limited vocabulary, people were amazed when I was able to speak to them in their native language.
Carl Bibby
Ewa is an excellent teacher, knowledgeable, enthusiastic. I had never spoken a word of Polish before I started my 5 week crash course and yet she has given me the confidence (& ability) to look forward to my upcoming trip to Poland. .
Steve Roberts


Feel confident and enjoy your holiday in Poland

£ 79


Technically, you just need an internet connection. You will get access to all learning materials on my website.
Once purchased the course is not refundable. Check the syllabus or send me an email if you have any additional questions.
It really depends on the individual and your learning style and of course on how much time you want to spend on  your Polish. It’s a self-study course so you go at your own pace before your planned trip to Poland.