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Have you booked your trip to Poland and are feeling excited? 

Great, it is a wonderful country to visit. The Polish landscape is very diverse, offering so much to the tourist. Our eventful history and central location in Europe make Poland a country that fascinates with its material and spiritual culture.  Not forgetting Polish hospitality!


But, are you worrying about the language? You have never learnt Polish and heard that it’s a super hard language to learn?


You may get by with your English, especially in bigger cities, but anyway, you like to integrate and communicate at least at a basic level with natives?  I understand, it’s so good to say at least some basic words in the language of the country you are visiting. 


Sounds like you? 

Polish Crash Course is then for you!

Let me help you to prepare for your trip to Poland.

Course Curriculum

Module 1 Foundations for survival
CC M1 Guide 00:00:00
CC M1 Polish YOU 00:02:31
CC M1 Greetings 00:02:48
CC M1 Introduce Yourself 00:00:58
CC M1 Polite words 00:02:17
CC M1 Bonus – Question words 00:01:35
CC M1 Quiz Unlimited
Module 2 Food and drinks
CC M2 Guide 00:00:00
CC M2 Ordering at a café 00:08:43
CC M2 Having a meal at a restaurant 00:04:54
CC M2 Payment 00:01:09
CC M2 Polish menu decoder 00:02:16
CC M2 Bonus – Meals and utensils 00:01:43
CC M2 Quiz Unlimited
Module 3 In the town
CC M3 Guide 00:00:00
CC M3 Asking for directions 00:02:49
CC M3 Basic directions 00:02:17
CC M3 Buying tickets 00:02:02
CC M3 Getting a taxi 00:01:40
CC M3 Exchanging money 00:01:35
CC M3 Bonus – Language difficulties 00:01:57
CC M3 Quiz Unlimited
Module 4 Shopping
CC M4 Guide 00:00:00
CC M4 Shopping at a kiosk 00:02:19
CC M4 In a shopping center 00:01:44
CC M4 Grocery products 00:05:38
CC M4 Asking about prices 00:01:17
CC M4 Bonus – Numerals 0-10 00:01:42
CC M4 Quiz Unlimited
Module 5 Problems and solutions
CC M5 Guide 00:00:00
CC M5 Emergency words 00:01:55
CC M5 Important telephone numbers 00:00:55
CC M5 Health problems 00:04:52
CC M5 Complaining at the hotel 00:04:13
CC M5 Bonus – Time expressions 00:00:56
CC M5 Quiz Unlimited

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