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March & April 2020 Diary –

Time to sum up the last two months that I must say were filled with languages in a different way. …Read More

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5 emergency words in Polish you need to know

5 emergency words you need to know in Polish Useful words to know  especially if you plan to travel to …Read More

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February 2020 Diary

New Polish term at The University of Chester I was over the moon that all students from Year 1 and …Read More

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Fat Thursday – eat doughnuts and revise numerals in Polish

Tłusty czwartek In Poland, on the last Thursday before Lent people celebrate what has become known as the Fat Thursday …Read More

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How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Polish

Co powiedzieć? What to say? Kocham Cię I love you Zakochałem /zakochałam się w Tobie I fell in love with …Read More

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January 2020 Diary

People often  ask me how I learnt and managed all my languages; as a teacher or as a learner and …Read More

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How to talk about New Year’s Resolutions in Polish

I promise… I intend…. I decide…. I plan..…. We use these sentences very often at the beginning of every year. Would …Read More

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New Year – New Resolution – New Language?

For many, welcoming a new year also means resolving to make some positive changes in their lives. These often involve …Read More

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Can you learn Polish on your own?

Maybe you found a resource, a book, an online course, which looked very promising and you decided to take the …Read More

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How to be on the case of Polish cases?

You learnt your first words in Polish and when you see them written or hear Polish speakers using them, you …Read More

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