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Polish language learning in bite-sized chunks, served by Ewa.

Become confident in learning Polish by tasting the grammar in a manageable and structured way.

What is the problem?

You have a Polish partner, friends or family and you wish to communicate in the language of your closest loved ones.

You have realised that Polish seems like a challenge, but you are determined and motivated to succeed.

You’ve never quite understood it and just mentioning the word ‘grammar’ gives you indigestion.

There is a solution!

If you’re frustrated and stuck as your self-learning is not going the way you hoped and you still don’t have a grasp of conversational Polish, there is a remedy!

Be supported by a native who is qualified to teach Polish as a foreign language.

Learn from someone who has been there and is now doing it as well.

Tackle Polish in a structured and manageable way and take it at your own pace.

Let’s give it a go!

I’m Ewa and I’m passionate about transforming Polish learners from the lost and overwhelmed into confident users of the language, so they can communicate effectively with friends and family. I understand what you are experiencing and learning a language can be very challenging. Even if you are highly motivated, you can still benefit from a solid plan and structure. And most importantly, you need to enjoy it!

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